We empower patients in rural areas

It is so disheartening when patients are ignorant about a medical problem that has been causing them sleepless nights as well as being a financial burden to them. It is very important that as much as patients leave it to their doctors to handle their medical problems, they also have a reasonable level of undestanding about the type of disease they have. This is an essential tool in enabling patients handle their various medical challenges better. We believe that expert patients are more likely to report success stories as oppossed to those who believe that it is entirely up to the doctor to decide everything for them. The truth of the matter is that doctors will always have other patients to cater for and this definately means that they may not really give you the personalised medical care you crave for.

The best way forward

We have therefore provided a platform for patients to interact with medical experts, ask the vital questions and make informed decisions about the type of treatment they would like to have. We ideally look at patient-doctor relationships as a partnership rather than a relationship where the doctor has the final say. Thanks to the internet, there is a lot of information available online, but surprisingly, a considerable number of patients are still very much ill-informed about their medical status. It is also worth noting that just because there is a lot of informationout there, it does not mean that patients should trust everything they read online. In line with this fact, we have a provided a network that will promote better interaction between patients and doctors, with various question and answer sesssions to cater for the needs of patients. Regardless of the amount of information you have, it ultimately comes down to making the right decision about the type of treatment to go for; otherwise you will not only be wasting your money, but also putting your life on the line. This platform is designed to help you with both-operating on the principle that an informed patient stands a better chance of getting the right treatment at a significantly lower cost than a patient who relies entirely on doctors.

Take control

In an increasingly intoxicated world, the love for money is the driving force behind a significant number of institutions, and hospitals are not any different.T here have been quite a number of cases where doctors have intentionally put patients on the wrong treatment regime in order to derive monetary benefit at the expense of patients' health. Regardless of how good a doctor is, it is always very important that patients get an alternative opinion to confirm that they are actuallyon the right track.  This is why we have created this platform. We have empowered hundreds of lives and we will continue to do so in order to get rural communities to be able to take control of their health, save medical costs and avoid medical costly mistakes. Get alternative medical opinions from experts,weigh your options and make an informed decision.



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