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There seems to be an ever-growing amount of people who chose not to go to the doctors when they are sick or in pain, but why? There are many reasons why some individuals choose to skip the surgery and here are just a few of them. Do you fall into any of the categories? *

I don't have the time to go to the doctors - this is such a valid reason. We have all been there, when we make an appointment to see the doctor in our lunch break so that we don't have to take time off unpaid or make up for it at another time. We turn up to the surgery to find a mayhem of queues and disorganised staff, and even though we are 5 minutes early to the appointment, we sit around for 10 minutes, and then 20 minutes and eventually we are called in half an hour late. However when we are called in to our appointment we are rushed out the door, all after we have just waited for other patients who have clearly broken the one appointment for one problem rule! Not to mention after a trip to the pharmacy to collect the prescriptions, are now late back to work! Nursing Times published a great article on this matter. *

I'm worried the doctor will laugh at me - Although this would never ever be the case, and if it were that doctor should be disciplined; going to the doctor can be very nerve wracking. I know personally if I go to the doctors about a sore throat I make sure to put on my most frog like voice and cough every 10 seconds just to prove that I am actually sick. There is no need, doctors know that symptoms aren't constant, however this does still put a lot of people off. *

I don't want to catch or spread germs - Even though surgeries are cleaned to perfection, and there are hand sanitizers dotted around for everyone to use, it is still unlikely to be germ free. With one person sat on your left coughing away and another person on your right sneezing into their hand, it is no wonder many people shy away from surgeries. Who wants to go to the doctors over back pain and come home with the flu? People are also conscious of spreading their germs, although rare, these kinds of people are concerned about turning up at the doctors with a cold and passing it on to someone else. *

So how are people being cured? Well there are now fantastic medical sources online, for example whereby you can receive accurate, fast and easy advice all from the comfort of your very own home. The only time that you will need to leave the house is to pick up your prescriptions if you need them. You may just need bed rest or a hot drink of lemon and water, which really doesn’t seem like advice that warrants getting out for bed for! There was coverage of the aspect of emerging online healthcare in HealthTech and this is worth a read.*

These are a fantastic idea as not only can you stay at home while you receive your medical advice, but you can also do it from work or even on the go if you have Internet access on your mobile phone! That saves you money in petrol, and means no time taken out of your busy day. It is also fantastic if you are feeling too ill to get out of bed and can literally speak to the doctor while in your bed. With time to think, you can clearly explain your symptoms and get instant responses back from the qualified professionals! If you feel nervous or shy then there is no need, you are not face to face with anyone and therefore feel less pressured and more relaxed. The final benefit of this is that there will be no spreading or catching of germs. In the comfort of your home, and the confines of your space you can be sure to not catch anything. *

Now of course there is are a wealth of experienced, qualified and legitimate health care professionals out there who have had years of training and experience in the medical field. However there are some clinics that aren't certified. It is highly important to ensure that you check that the clinic you are going to is genuine and meets the Quality Care Commission QCC standards. this academic study by the British Medical Journal shows just how many unqualified and unauthorized clinics there are about! It can be extremely dangerous to not have the correct advice, and if taken you may be left exactly the same, sicker than before or even worse in a fatal condition. 


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