Cystitis - Getting Rapid Treatment

One medical condition that many women over the world are distressed by is Cystitis, which is a term sometimes used to describe a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - even if technically, it is something different. In general terms, Cystitis is the inflammation caused on the wall of the bladder. It is considered the most common type of upper UTI. Although cystitis affects both males and females, the condition is more prevalent in females. It can be safely said that almost 50% of women around the world experience some kind of UTI at least once in their life.

What causes Cystitis?

Cystitis is caused due to different reasons, which differ from patient to patient. It makes sense to get firsthand information about the problem and learn what causes it. By understanding and getting basic cystitis information, you can prevent yourself from being affected by it. Here are some of the common causes of cystitis in women.


·         Unhygienic menstrual care

·     Not emptying the bladder in a timely manner, blockage in urinary system or other bladder related problems.

·         Rigorous sexual intercourse or using a diaphragm for contraception

·         Thinning of the lining of the urethra (happens with age in Menopausal women)

·         Damage caused while changing a urine catheter


The causes change from patient to patient, however, the above mentioned are the most common causes of cystitis. UTI complications like these lead to the symptoms of cystitis, which are more serious in women than men. Here are some of the most common symptoms of cystitis.


·         Urine may contain small amounts of blood, could be cloudy or have a strong odor

·         Pain above the pubic bone, in the lower back or stomach cramps

·         Constant need to urinate; however, passing very little urine each time

·         Pain or burning sensation while urinating

·         Feeling weak or feverish (this is more common in older women)

Treatment for Cystitis

Cystitis may sound like a big problem, but if the problem is addressed sooner, it is easy to nip it in the bud. The best option is to visit a doctor, who would suggest you to visit a pathologist and conduct a urine test. The urine test or urinalysis will help in diagnosing the problem and confirm the presence of the bacteria. The most common mode of prevention and care for UTI and cystitis is opting for an antibiotic treatment. For accessing treatment with antibiotics and other medication, you can approach various online sources with complete confidentiality and from the comfort of your home.

Antibiotics are the first level of treatment that shows a positive change in the condition right from day one. The most widely used antibiotic for treating cystitis is Nitrofurantoin, which helps in relieving symptoms of UTI within 3-5 days. Another antibiotic that works in treating cystitis is Trimethoprim, which too offers relief in a short span of time. Both these antibiotics work perfectly well in curbing the situation in most cases.  Along with medication the following remedies help in easing the symptoms of UTI

·         Drinking lots of water, which help in flushing out the bacteria in the system

·         Drinking Cranberry juice helps in getting relief from the problem, as it contains condensed Tannins. These tannins help in restraining the activity of the E Coli Bacteria.

·         It is advisable to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages

Preventing Cystitis

The saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, works well in the case of UTI and Cystitis. Unfortunately both of these problems are not completely preventable.  There are different cases of cystitis that can be prevented by following the below mentioned measures.

·         Maintaining Vaginal Hygiene, especially after sex and during menopause

·         Drinking lots of fluids and urinating whenever you feel the need to. Avoid postponing urination and always empty your bladder.

·         Avoid using perfumed soaps or body washes around your genitals. Always use special genital wash or neutral soaps.

·         Always wear cotton underwear and keep it airy. Don’t wear tight underwear or pants that are tight around your crotch.

·         Always wipe from the front to the back or the bacteria from your anus can enter the vaginal tract.

·         Always urinate after having sex

These small steps will help you in a major way in preventing cystitis.

Cystitis becomes a problem when women do not approach a medical professional due to shame or embarrassment. Due to this, the problem usually becomes worse. If you do not wish to visit a doctor for your problem, your best bet is to enroll for an online consultation. Online consultants like Private Doctor Direct or Health Express will be able to diagnose your problem. They can also prescribe you with the right kind of medication or antibiotics, depending on your condition. Online consultations help in providing care for UTI and Cystitis in a discreet manner for women who are not forthcoming about their medical condition in a face to face environment. 


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