Do Home Testing Kits Work?

Benefits of a Home Testing Kit

Home testing kits are becoming more and more popular. There are a wide array of home testing kits that can be purchased online from a variety of online clinics or that can be purchased at local pharmacies which can detect early warning signs for conditions such as: bowel cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, cholesterol, prostate problems, menopause and Alzheimer’s. These do-it-yourself home testing kits are also now available for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The late detection of any medical condition can severely affect your chances of being completely treated of that condition. Many people are suffering from medical conditions and they might be aware of it because of the symptoms but they do not get tested, either because they do not want to spend the time or money to go to a clinic or because they are too afraid or ashamed of getting tested for a specific condition in the presence of others. Home testing kits provide such individuals with an easy, affordable, convenient, confortable and secure way of getting tested. 

The Issues with Home Testing Kits

Although there is now a wide array of home testing kits for diagnostic purposes available online and at pharmacies, many wonder if they really work and if they should be carried out without medical guidance and support. Should the results be trusted? Many professionals argue that home testing should not be carried out as there are so many things that can sway the results of a home testing kit and the individual does not have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to analyze the results to know in how far the results are accurate. 

A recent assessment was done of six home testing kits by medical experts who gave their verdict on the use of these home testing kits. As can be seen in this Daily Mail article, almost all of the medical experts agree that the tests should not be used without the guidance and support of a professional. In most cases, they claim that the science behind the tests was correct but it is the test result that can be tricky. There are many changes which may occur in the body that can result in a false positive or a false negative. They also argue that if the results are positive, individuals will need support from a doctor to deal with their condition and they will not get that support sitting on the bathroom floor. So, they would be better off going to a GP in the first place to get a diagnosis and to get immediate treatment and support if necessary. They also argue that some diseases are more difficult to detect than others and would require so much more than just a simple home testing it. Alzheimer’s is an example of such a disease. 

The manufacturers of these home testing kits argue that the main objective of the kits is not to provide a diagnosis but to identify first triggers – early signs that will prompt individuals to leave their homes and visit a GP for further testing. They also argue that individuals are advised in the instructions of the kit that they should visit a doctor to get the results confirmed, especially if it is positive. The main focus of home testing kits is early detections. They encourage individuals who use them to get further medical help. They can also be very helpful in managing some of the most common medical conditions. For example, they can be used for cholesterol management and diabetes management. Instead of waiting for days before your next visit to your doctor to know your cholesterol or blood sugar level, you can use a cholesterol or diabetes home testing kit to know your status in a few minutes. You will still need to visit your doctor but you can at least have some peace of mind having an indication of what is going on in your body. It is better to have an idea than to not know at all. 

Tips for buying home testing kits

You should always obtain medical advice before buying a home testing kit. Verify with your doctor if he or she thinks it is a good idea before you decide to buy a home testing kit.

You should always get the results confirmed by a doctor. This is the only way to be sure about the results. 

You should only buy home testing kits from trusted and reliable sources such as from this website and you should not buy a home testing kit if the seal is broken or damaged.


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