Genital Warts

What are genital warts and how do you get it:

Warts are primarily little bumps of flesh that appear on different parts of the body. Many warts appear in areas where the skin is loose and can be stretched like the neck. Many studies also reveal that warts generally appear after a certain age and are linked to diet, lifestyle and fitness. One of the most embarrassing times is when you notice warts in your genital areas like the vagina or penis. Warts in general are derivative of the same virus called HPV. Genital warts appear mostly due to unprotected sex but there are cases where people have discovered warts in their genital areas despite having protected sex.

genital warts do not appear immediately after having unprotected sex with a person who is already infected with the HPV virus. In many cases, it takes weeks, months and rarely even years before you may notice genital warts on your body. The reason for this delayed time frame is simple – your body’s immune system. The moment our body’s immune system gets low, the virus gets the upper hand.

Why can genital warts treatment become embarrassing?

Like all health related issues, genital warts too can be treated however as adults, the embarrassment is more to do with the mind than anything else. It is never easy and far from comfortable to approach a medical specialist when a health issue has to do with your private parts. Not only does the communication become a little uncomfortable, the expression and questions you may have could hinder you from all clarification you may deserve. Over the counter medications are available but trying to tell a pharmacist about how bad the situation is could be even worse. The good news is that the treatment for genital warts is available on the internet in abundance where people can directly contact a prescribing doctor. Private healthcare companies companies are fully aware of the discomfort the patients go through psychologically when they are approached for help. They dispatch medicines without the name of their company and also ensure complete privacy and discretion are paramount.

Finding a discreet solution for genital warts treatment:

Among the most embarrassing health situations is related to sexual health. Not only are diseases and infections caused during sexual intercourse or direct physical contact embarrassing but they can also be life threatening too. Finding a discreet solution for sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections is not an easy job. The same is with genital warts. In many cases, the virus that causes genital warts is known to be dormant for a long time with no trouble whatsoever. You could have the virus in your body but the breakout is only when your body’s immune system gives way.

There are over the counter medicines available that are natural. These medicines help curb the outbreak and may lower the risk of genital warts reappearing. Dermisil Warts or Wartrol Genital Warts Relief is some of the popular names that curb this issue and helps in resolving without any marks or scars. If you are looking for treatment over the internet then is perhaps amongst the best websites there is offering apt solutions to this health issue. This particular clinic offers test kits, gets accurate results, ability to order online and heaps of information about sexually transmitted infections of all sorts. The good news is that these medicines can be sent over to your door without any remarks from the sender.

Using prescription drugs for treating genital warts:

There are quite a few prescription treatments available to deal with the issue of genital warts. In most cases, these prescription drugs are very effective if you have identified your warts at an early stage. In some cases, you may be able to completely treat your genital warts with these prescription drugs but in some cases you may need intervention by some medical professional for certain medical procedures. But there is one thing that you need to always bear in mind. It is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes these genital warts and the prescription drugs may only help you dealing with the symptoms. The virus may re-attack and cause re-occurrence of the warts. With this, it is just the prevention that is the best cure.

A very common prescription treatment for genital warts is imiquimod which comes with the brand name, Aldara and is available in the form of a cream. This is usually prescribed to be applied thrice weekly on the area of infection for a period of 16 weeks. Aldara has other benefits too. Though it is expensive, it is safe to use and also boosts the immune system of the person to fight the HPV virus.

There are other treatment options like Condyline and Warticon which can be in the form of liquid or gel that can be highly effective too. 


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