Sexual Health Testing by Post

Sexual Health Testing by Post

Getting indulged in sex may seem to be full of passion and pleasure but there are tons of diseases concerned with sexual intercourse. The diseases related to sexual health are usually termed as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs or STIs. The chances of you catching an STD are higher if you indulge in unprotected sex. One thing which is recommended to all who are sexually active is to get sexual health testing done in order to make sure that you are not suffering from any health issues which can affect your sex life.  

There are a number of sexual health issues which are being faced by people worldwide. Apart from STDs, there are other sexual problems too which are common in both men and women these days due to the lifestyle they have been following. In the UK, the cities have got world class clinics and facilities for all types of sexual health testing while the rural and remote areas lag behind when it comes to this area of healthcare. The people from rural areas in the UK often need to travel long distances from their place of residence just in order to get sexual health tests conducted. This process can be very inconvenient especially if you need to get tests conducted on regular basis.

How STI Clinic works?

Fortunately, there are now online STI clinics, so you won’t have to travel long distances just for the sake of getting sexual health testing done. Whether you are pregnant, suffering from STDs or just want to make sure that you are entirely clear of infections, The STI Clinic offers all types of sexual health tests online through their website.

All one needs to do in order to get tested is :

•Login to The STI Clinic official website

•Apply for a test and select a test you want to be conducted

•Pay the fee for testing online through one of the available payment methods

•Send your sample to The STI Clinic by post in a paid for envelope.

That’s it! The clinic will test your sample and give you a lab report online. Although the whole procedure can take 2-3 days from ordering your test to getting your report, the great thing is that you don’t need to travel long distances.

According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, women who are going through the stages of their maternity must go through a series of proper tests conducted regularly. This is in order to ensure that both mother and child are free from any diseases and also that there are no symptoms of any sexual health issues in the mother. There are now a number of STI clinics providing this online service. We have highlighted The STI Clinic as it appears to be the market leader and has the fastest turnaround time but you can shop around by doing a search on Google.

Diseases to look out for!

HIV is a prime concern and one can always refer to the HIV Aware website in order to obtain more information about this potentially fatal disease. After Chlamydia, another common STD is Gonorrhea which is concerned with burning sensation while peeing and other related diseases. According to the last Gonorrhoea update, the disease is common in 8% of the world population and many people in the developing world ignore it as they are unaware what is causing their symptoms and do not have access to basic healthcare. Fortunately in the UK we have the NHS, so nobody is denied access, even if it is inconvenient for those of us who live in rural areas.

Chlamydia is still the most common STD, which is found in nearly 1/10 of the people who are sexually active. The treatment for this disease is simple and it can be cured with a single dose antibiotic. The FPA Chlamydia information page on their website offers complete information about the treatment and causes of Chlamydia. Apart from these, here is a list of some other common sexual diseases -


•Genital Warts

•Mycoplasma Genitalium


•Pubic Lice


•Hepatitis B

Hundreds of people from rural areas in United Kingdom have been using online sexual health testing services and they are growing in popularity. Some charities are offering the service now as well for a small fee. As well as the convenience aspect, these online services are attractive for those patients who are shy in getting sexual health tests done face to face. There really is no excuse not to be on top of your sexual health.


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