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There seems to be an ever-growing amount of people who chose not to go to the doctors when they are sick or in pain, but why? There are many reasons why some individuals choose to skip the surgery and here are just a few of them. Do you fall into any of the categories? *

I don't have the time to go to the doctors - this is such a valid reason. We have all been there, when we make an appointment to see the doctor in our lunch break so that we don't have to take time off unpaid or make up for it at another time. We turn up to the surgery to find a mayhem of queues and disorganised staff, and even though we are 5 minutes early to the appointment, we sit around for 10 minutes, and then 20 minutes and eventually we are called in half an hour late. However when we are called in to our appointment we are rushed out the door, all after we have just waited for other patients who have clearly broken the one appointment for one problem rule! Not to mention after a trip to the pharmacy to collect the prescriptions, are now late back to work! Nursing Times published a great article on this matter. *

I'm worried the doctor will laugh at me - Although this would never ever be the case, and if it were that doctor should be disciplined; going to the doctor can be very nerve wracking. I know personally if I go to the doctors about a sore throat I make sure to put on my most frog like voice and cough every 10 seconds just to prove that I am actually sick. There is no need, doctors know that symptoms aren't constant, however this does still put a lot of people off. * Read More...

Cystitis - Getting Rapid Treatment

One medical condition that many women over the world are distressed by is Cystitis, which is a term sometimes used to describe a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - even if technically, it is something different. In general terms, Cystitis is the inflammation caused on the wall of the bladder. It is considered the most common type of upper UTI. Although cystitis affects both males and females, the condition is more prevalent in females. It can be safely said that almost 50% of women around the world experience some kind of UTI at least once in their life.

What causes Cystitis?

Cystitis is caused due to different reasons, which differ from patient to patient. It makes sense to get firsthand information about the problem and learn what causes it. By understanding and getting basic cystitis information, you can prevent yourself from being affected by it. Here are some of the common causes of cystitis in women.


Sexual Health Testing by Post

Sexual Health Testing by Post

Getting indulged in sex may seem to be full of passion and pleasure but there are tons of diseases concerned with sexual intercourse. The diseases related to sexual health are usually termed as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs or STIs. The chances of you catching an STD are higher if you indulge in unprotected sex. One thing which is recommended to all who are sexually active is to get sexual health testing done in order to make sure that you are not suffering from any health issues which can affect your sex life.  

There are a number of sexual health issues which are being faced by people worldwide. Apart from STDs, there are other sexual problems too which are common in both men and women these days due to the lifestyle they have been following. In the UK, the cities have got world class clinics and facilities for all types of sexual health testing while the rural and remote areas lag behind when it comes to this area of healthcare. The people from rural areas in the UK often need to travel long distances from their place of residence just in order to get sexual health tests conducted. This process can be very inconvenient especially if you need to get tests conducted on regular basis.

How STI Clinic works?

Fortunately, there are now online STI clinics, so you won’t have to travel long distances just for the sake of getting sexual health testing done. Whether you are pregnant, suffering from STDs or just want to make sure that you are entirely clear of infections, The STI Clinic offers all types of sexual health tests online through their website. Read More...

Emergency Dental Treatment

Often painful dental abscesses present with swollen gums, fever and difficulties in chewing. In case of high fever and feeding problems, you should immediately consult your dentist or even go to the emergency room. This article will give you some advice about how to treat a tooth abscess and what to do if one develops.

Tooth abscess: Symptoms

The tooth abscess is a bacterial infection that can be of two types. The periodontal abscess results from the gum and it is usually experienced by people who suffer from gum resorption. You can also suffer it in wisdom teeth before or after extraction.

The periapical or dento -alveolar abscess is associated with chewing and pain and can be caused by a broken tooth, deep decay or a diseased tooth. Bacteria proliferates at the level of the nerves of the tooth. Read More...

Genital Warts

What are genital warts and how do you get it:

Warts are primarily little bumps of flesh that appear on different parts of the body. Many warts appear in areas where the skin is loose and can be stretched like the neck. Many studies also reveal that warts generally appear after a certain age and are linked to diet, lifestyle and fitness. One of the most embarrassing times is when you notice warts in your genital areas like the vagina or penis. Warts in general are derivative of the same virus called HPV. Genital warts appear mostly due to unprotected sex but there are cases where people have discovered warts in their genital areas despite having protected sex.

genital warts do not appear immediately after having unprotected sex with a person who is already infected with the HPV virus. In many cases, it takes weeks, months and rarely even years before you may notice genital warts on your body. The reason for this delayed time frame is simple – your body’s immune system. The moment our body’s immune system gets low, the virus gets the upper hand.

Why can genital warts treatment become embarrassing?

Like all health related issues, genital warts too can be treated however as adults, the embarrassment is more to do with the mind than anything else. It is never easy and far from comfortable to approach a medical specialist when a health issue has to do with your private parts. Not only does the communication become a little uncomfortable, the expression and questions you may have could hinder you from all clarification you may deserve. Over the counter medications are available but trying to tell a pharmacist about how bad the situation is could be even worse. The good news is that the treatment for genital warts is available on the internet in abundance where people can directly contact a prescribing doctor. Private healthcare companies companies are fully aware of the discomfort the patients go through psychologically when they are approached for help. They dispatch medicines without the name of their company and also ensure complete privacy and discretion are paramount. Read More...

Do Home Testing Kits Work?

Benefits of a Home Testing Kit

Home testing kits are becoming more and more popular. There are a wide array of home testing kits that can be purchased online from a variety of online clinics or that can be purchased at local pharmacies which can detect early warning signs for conditions such as: bowel cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, cholesterol, prostate problems, menopause and Alzheimer’s. These do-it-yourself home testing kits are also now available for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The late detection of any medical condition can severely affect your chances of being completely treated of that condition. Many people are suffering from medical conditions and they might be aware of it because of the symptoms but they do not get tested, either because they do not want to spend the time or money to go to a clinic or because they are too afraid or ashamed of getting tested for a specific condition in the presence of others. Home testing kits provide such individuals with an easy, affordable, convenient, confortable and secure way of getting tested. 

The Issues with Home Testing Kits

Although there is now a wide array of home testing kits for diagnostic purposes available online and at pharmacies, many wonder if they really work and if they should be carried out without medical guidance and support. Should the results be trusted? Many professionals argue that home testing should not be carried out as there are so many things that can sway the results of a home testing kit and the individual does not have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to analyze the results to know in how far the results are accurate.  Read More...


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